About Paul Gillooly

My name is Paul Gillooly and since I was 16 years old (11 years ago) I was obsessed with making money online. I would build websites only to realise it wasn't so easy for a 16 year old with no marketing budget to get traffic. I wondered why google placed some sites above others and set out to learn it's algorithm.

There have been many changes since then and google is much more complex with how it ranks websites but I have grown with it and one factor remains the same - High quality links from other sites that are relevant to your industry are what will get you to number one in google before any other factor. This is what I specialise in and this is how I get my clients results.

As far as I know I am the only SEO specialist to offer a money back guarantee if I can't increase your rankings. This is simply because what I do works.

Paul Gillooly

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